Domain Cycle

Auto (Grace) Renewal Period

37 days after the expiration date. The user can renew the domain with the regular annual renewal price, but the website is inaccessible online once a domain is expired.

Redemption Grace Period (RGP) / Pending Delete Restorable

30 days after auto renewal period. If the user wants to restore the domain, he/she must pay 10 x regular annual renewal fees.

Delete Period

5-7 days after the Redemption Grace Period. If the user doesn't restore the domain then the domain will be deleted by the Registry and available to the general public.

There is an annual renewal for a domain. Most domains can be registered for up to Ten years. It is the responsibility of the registrants to make sure that Their domain registration is up to date.

Otherwise, a domain will be inaccessible on its expiration date and follow domain cycles as mentioned above. ICANN asks the registrar to send at least two reminders before the domain expires, and Resellercamp sends 4 reminders before the expiration date (38 days, 28 days, 18 days, and 8 days), one day after the domain expires, and on the date that the domain enters Redemption Grace Period.